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Sustainability Principles

During the public visioning sessions, citizens were asked to identify ideas they associated with the meaning of sustainability. These ideas helped shape a shared understanding of sustainability. The principles of sustainability guiding Charlottetown’s ICSP are:

  • To meet the needs of this generation without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • To live within the City’s ecological, financial and resource capacity means.
  • To respect and strengthen the relationship with and to the broader Island ecosystem, culture, and economy.
  • To ensure resiliency by increasing self reliance and independence in energy, resource, waste and financial management.
  • To restore and protect the natural environment resulting in cleaner air, cleaner water and the protection of sensitive land and ecosystem resources.
  • To preserve and enhance existing community infrastructure and core amenities.
  • To enhance the connectivity of transportation infrastructure and networks throughout the City.
  • To cultivate a public and individual commitment to all and consider universal accessibility in infrastructure and program design and delivery.
*It is important to note that over time these principles may evolve and change as the community develops a deeper understanding of sustainability.

For another definition of Sustainability watch the following animation:

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
Our Sustainable City

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