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The City of Charlottetown consists of approximately 225 linear kilometers of street network, 200 kilometers of which are under the control of the City and 25 kilometers that are classified as part of the provincial roads system.

The City undertakes the majority of its street work within operation budgets. Hot mix asphalt plants are generally open from late May to late October of each year. Outside this period the City uses cold or reheated asphalt mix. These temporary patching materials can have limitations, especially in spring thaw conditions.

Street Patching

Each spring all streets are reviewed for potholes and other local (small) patching needs. The hot mix patching program starts in early June with higher volume streets and proceeds to the more residential streets. The City strives to complete this patching program as expediently as possible.

Street Resurfacing

For larger resurfacing projects, the City has set up an inspection program for all City streets. This provides a rating basis on which to classify the streets and develop a "worst first" approach to resurfacing while still considering other factors.


The City of Charlottetown currently has approximately 225 linear kilometers of sidewalk network. The City undertakes the majority of its sidewalk work within operation budgets.

Placement of concrete is affected by freezing temperatures and concrete work is usually undertaken in the season of late may to late October each year. Outside this period the City uses cold or reheated asphalt but this temporary patching material has its limitations.

Sidewalks Repairs

Each spring all sidewalks are reviewed for cracks, unevenness, deterioration and other defects. This information is used in prioritizing work areas in conjunction with other projects in the City. Repair continues for the full summer season with the most immediate needs undertaken first.

Sidewalks Replacements / New Construction

For large repair projects, the City uses a combination of in-house staff and contracted work.

While striving to maintain the current inventory, the City is also attempting to expand the sidewalk network into area not currently serviced. Main routes and high pedestrian areas are the first priority in this new work and these locations often have open ditch drainage. To facilitate proper storm water drainage it is often necessary to construct piped storm systems in these areas.

As the City's inspection program as well as its operational and capital budgets are not finalized until mid-March each year, the Public Woks Department is not able to confirm what sidewalk work will be undertaken in a gen year until that time.

Tenders for a contracted program are usually advertised in the local newspaper and on our website in the spring of the year and the construction schedule of the various locations is agreed to with the successful contractor. There may be many considerations in the timing of the work that make early, mid or late summer work most appropriate.

Larger capital projects are also tended and advertised at varying time in the construction season.

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