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The Public Works Department for the City of Charlottetown has been tasked with maintenance of City streets, sidewalks, storm water systems, parking meter repairs, street lighting, and also municipal building maintenance with the exception of recreational facilities and water and sewer stations. Learn more about PW operations....

Offices of the Department are located on the main floor of City Hall, 199 Queen Street and field staff work out of the City Works Facility located at 12 MacAleer Drive.

All waste management on PEI, including residential Spring/Fall Clean-up collections, are operated under the services and guidelines of the Island Waste Management Commission. For more information visit the IWMC website www.iwmc.pe.ca.

Additional details and information on projects and activities of Public Works Department currently underway can be found in the CONSTRUCTION AND CLOSURE section.

We look forward to serving our residents and please do not hesitate to contact the Department with any questions or concerns at the following contact numbers.

Public Works Reception
(902) 894-5208
City Main Switchboard
(902) 566-5548
Emergency After-Hours
(902) 628-5039
Winter Roads Call Center
(902) 629- 6916

Public Works employs a number of permanent, seasonal and casual staff. Competitions for permanent positions are open only to local Union members, and most term staff generally return year after year under right-to-recall provisions. Any new hire opportunities for term employment are processed through applications on file with the Human Resources Department.

Street Lighting
Most street lighting is provided through the services of Maritime Electric Company Limited with light units on their utility poles. Information regarding any problems (flickering, burnt out, day-burners, etc) can be communicated to the Public Works Office who will coordinate service. Issue details such as type of problem, civic address or pole number, etc are greatly appreciated.

Public Works undertakes an inspection of the full City sidewalk inventory each spring after winter frost action and plowing operations. This visual inspection creates a listing of significant defects and areas of poor condition. This information is used in developing a summer work program, allocating the funding resources for repair of existing inventory and requests for expansion of the sidewalk system. A combination of Union and contracted forces are used for infrastructure improvements.

Street Maintenance
Labor and materials resources do not allow for all desired work to be undertaken immediately at the start of a street maintenance season, with many operations carried out over the course of the whole summer. Various factors, including weather, are balanced to attempt effective use of resources (i.e. trying not to freshen street lines that would soon have asphalt placed over them)

The City is responsible for all street right-of-ways within its boundaries with the exception of the Provincial transportation corridor that passes through, being:
- Riverside Dr / Arterial Highway / Upton Rd / Trans-Canada Highway from the Hillsborough Bridge to the North River Bridge
- St Peters Rd (Rte 2 east) from the Arterial Highway outbound
- Malpeque Rd (Rte 2 west) from the Arterial Highway outbound
The Province also controls any intersection of the Provincial transportation corridor with a City street.

The City has approximately 235 linear km of paved streets. A pavement condition rating system is in place to monitor overall condition of the roadway network. Each street segment is re-evaluated on a 3-year cycle under normal circumstances. This evaluation system is used in development of annual resurfacing programs, based on a ‘worst-first’ approach. Resurfacing work is contracted to private sector firms.

Asphalt patching of all streets is undertaken each year by a combination of Union & Contract forces, with hot-mix asphalt plants generally operating from late May until late October. The patching program concentrates on main routes early in the season and continues on a priority basis.

Traffic Control Devices
Public Works maintains street signage and traffic control signals per regulatory controls (stop signs, speed limits, parking restrictions, etc) established by the Police Department.

Street Markings
Painted markings on streets are possible in late April or early May. However such work is often prioritized with respect to asphalt patching that does not begin until late May when hot-mix plants begin operation.

Center line, shoulder line and lane line markings are contracted through services of the Provincial Dept of Transportation. This eliminates the need of the City acquiring an expensive paint truck for our relatively minimal need.

Pavement markings at the beginning of School Zones are repainted prior in late August. With post & sign notice always in place, reapplication in the spring would have only a short term benefit prior to the summer break, and the fall application is added reminder to drivers to be cautious with the new school year starting.

Crosswalks, stop bars, turning arrows and other street markings are carried out through the summer season by a single crew. Resources do not meet the demand requested of the department and work must be prioritized.

Storm Water Control
The City’s storm water control system is a combination of open ditches and pipes. It operates on a gravity basis with outfall to adjacent rivers and harbors. The City having relatively limited elevations and the surrounding waterways being tidal, the storm system can be affected by high/rising tides and storm surges during severe events.

All storm systems have a maximum capacity and are generally designed to handle events that theoretically occur once in 5 or 10 years. Increasing size for larger, less frequent events is not as effective in terms of cost/benefit relations. In some cases, the creation of extra capacity in Charlottetown is further hampered due to locations of minimal elevation and grade to the outfall.

New residential subdivisions are required to be constructed with piped storm water systems. The City is undertaking a Storm Water Management Plan to address infilling of the remaining open ditch, though financial ability in relation to the significant work dictates that it will be many years before this is fully completed.

Culvert Repair & Installation
The Department reviews all neighborhoods in the spring/early summer and undertakes repair to heaved driveway culverts. This work is on-going through the summer season with a program developed that balances effective scheduling of the crew in each neighborhood while ensuring that all locations across the city in the worst severity category are attended.

Culvert installation to create a new private driveway access or to undertake ditch infilling outside the City’s own construction program must be approved by the Department. The ditch system is important for transporting rainwater and snow melt away from building foundations, streets, & sidewalks and it must be ensured that flooding or other problems to the residents and general public are not created. Culvert Installation Application

Snow & Ice Control Services
The City uses a combination of Union and contracted resources for winter operations. Contracted services are from both the private sector and the Provincial government who are assigned some major roads adjacent to their own Provincial transportation corridor that passes through the City.

Street plowing and deicing is undertaken with 17 plow/salt vehicles servicing an average of approximately 18 kms each. Machines are assigned a section to operate within. Specific routing focuses on high volume streets first, but does try to accommodate some priorities of a particular snow event (schools, churches, business district)

All winter events are slightly different due to amount of snowfall, duration of event, time of season, temperatures, wind directions, time of day and various other factors. Street plowing generally begins before 4cm accumulation and continues to the end of snowfall and final pass of all streets. Each plow section would take approximately 4-5 hours to complete a single run in normal circumstances.

After the focus of keeping streets open during a snow event and clearing them all upon completion, the efforts to haul snow, widen streets and wing-back corners as necessary is undertaken. The City has approximately 12 km of street in the core business district with double-sided on-street parking from which it hauls snow to a yard in the north-east of the City. These hauling operations mainly occur in the evening and overnight hours to work with and around the commercial activity that is taking place in the post-storm period.

Sidewalk snow clearing operations are undertaken independent to street activities, though often impacted by them. Sidewalk machines travel at a slower rate than street plow trucks and have a smaller size ration with respect to deep or heavy snow. In normal events these operations will be initiated prior to completion of the snowfall and require a second pass, the average route being from 4 to 10 hrs depending on general usage in area. With sidewalks adjacent to many streets, snow pushed from the road plowing can sometimes impact work undertaken to clear sidewalks.

Parking Meters
Maintenance and repair of parking meters is undertaken by Public Works, with locations, rates, and other policy matters provided by other Committees. Repair lists are generated through comments left with the parking enforcement body.

Municipal Property Maintenance
Public Works undertakes maintenance of the following civic properties and sites. Rental of municipal buildings is coordinated through the Parks & Recreation Department.
- City Hall, 199 Queen St
- Maple Ave Civic Bldg, 58 Maple Ave
- West Royalty Civic Bldg, 1 Kirkdale Rd
- East Royalty Civic Bldg, 1 Avonlea Dr
- Hillsborough Park Civic Bldg, 199 Patterson Dr
- Cenotaph War Memorial, Province House park
- Boer War Memorial, Province House park
- Service Memorial Fountain, Province House park
- Sir John A Bench statue, Victoria Row
- Butcher Chairs, Kings Square

After Hours / Winter Call Center
Outside staff generally work a Monday to Friday week, with summer hours of 7am to 3pm and winter hours of 8am to 4pm. Limited overnight and weekend staffing of 1 to 2 people are available as a Duty Crew (902-628-5039)

From mid November to late March the Public Works Department operates a Winter Call Center (902-629-6916) 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. This service is used to facilitate information transfer in regard to winter weather and operational activities.

The Public Works Department operates within a number of bylaws of the City but is ultimately responsible for only a few of them. The Department has no formal enforcement ability but works in association with others regarding the Snow Removal Bylaw and is called upon to effect cleanups upon resolution of Council under the Dangerous, Hazardous and Unsightly Premises Bylaw.

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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