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Our Sustainability Pillars

Charlottetown is faced with a wide range of environmental, economic, social and cultural opportunities and challenges. This section presents and describes goals and actions developed by the community of the four sustainability pillars. Goals were developed from the core values, key ideas and issues for sustainability.

Environmental Pillar
The environment provides the food that we eat, absorbs the wastes that we generate, provides resources that we use to improve our quality of life, and enables life-sustaining processes.
Economic Pillar
Economics is description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.  The production of goods and services is rooted in the resources of the land, air, and sea; and the ingenuity, labour, and drive of individuals and communities in society. 
Social Pillar
Social sustainability is that component of quality of life measurement approximating the ability of individuals to meet their basic human needs, the capacity of individuals to meet their personal goals, and the degree to which communities evolve relationships, networks, and social norms to improve society’s collective quality of life.
Culture Pillar
Culture provides a shared framework of meaning through which we interpret our world and our societal roles. It comprises our collective attitudes, beliefs and values, basic underlying assumptions, symbols, myths, and social norms. 


Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
Our Sustainable City

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