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2016-07-14 - UPDATE: Four Trees in Victoria Park Need Additional Measures for Safety

The City of Charlottetown notified the public yesterday (Wednesday, July 13) that a contractor would be pruning trees along the Victoria Park waterfront today (Thursday, July 14). Further assessment has since determined that additional measures for four trees along the waterfront will be required.

One tree will be removed. A second tree may also need to be removed, but safety pruning and a cabling process to stabilize the remaining branches will be tried first. The remaining two trees being reviewed will be pruned and cabled in an attempt to save the trees, but the safety of the public will remain the first priority.

This work, along with the pruning and trimming of the other trees along the waterfront, will take place today (Thursday, July 14) and continue into next week. Sections of the bike lane will be barricaded as a safety precaution as each tree is trimmed or pruned. The public’s cooperation and patience is appreciated.

Earlier this week, an initial assessment showed some of the trees have some structural and physiological issues that require attention for the safety of those using the park.

The pruning that is taking place will take some of the weight off large branches, thin the canopies to reduce wind resistance, and remove the water sprouts that can become an issue in the future. The City’s certified Arborist and Parkland Conservationist also sought a second opinion from the Provincial Government’s expert before completing the final assessment.

Staff have been planting trees along the waterfront over the past few years, but will be looking into more planting options for the fall of 2016. This will include the planting of large caliper trees.


Media contact:

Jennifer Gavin
Communications Officer
City of Charlottetown

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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