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You Can Make A Difference In Our CITY!

Become A Volunteer Firefighter with the City of Charlottetown Fire Department

Men and women from many walks of life are volunteer firefighters. Volunteers include self-employed, shift workers, trades people and professionals, just to name a few.

Volunteer Firefighters are people who care about their community and want to be actively involved in it!

The benefits of being a Volunteer Firefighter include the following:

No experience is necessary when you join;
Firefighter training is provided to you at no cost;
Community recognition;
Insurance coverage
Financial compensation.
Lasting Friendship

Interested individuals, who are enthusiastic, physically fit, self-motivated and team players can pick up an application form at the location noted below, during normal business hours, or download the application here.

Station # 1
89 Kent St.
Charlottetown PEI

Applicants will be required to provide a Police background check and current driver's abstract.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need previous Firefighter training or experience?
No, we will provide all necessary firefighting and first aid training. Any relevant past experience or training may help you in the selection process, but we do welcome applications from potential volunteers of any experience level.

Is this a paid position?
Yes, Volunteer Firefighters are paid for emergency responses and attendance at training sessions. As per government legislation, the first $1,000.00 of income is tax-free.

How much time is involved for training? For emergency calls?
Our training program consists of a 16-week (two nights per week) Recruit Training Course at the PEI Firefighters School, Successful graduates of the recruit course will then join the regular training program, which involves a 2 - 3 hour practice session each Monday evening. Additional training sessions are held occasionally on weekends.

Emergency calls may happen at any time and Firefighters are expected to attend 80% of all calls. We are never sure of the frequency and length of the calls but on average, our firefighters log 125 hours per year.

Do you offer any additional training opportunities?
Yes. Additional training opportunities are available and our Fire Department encourages this kind of professional development. Training opportunities include courses at the PEI Firefighters School, as well as programs offered by other jurisdictions.

Volunteer firefighters are encouraged to attend these programs, and the costs to attend these courses are covered by the Fire Department.

Are there any physical requirements?
Firefighting is a strenuous job, performed in hostile environments in extremely stressful situations. It is important that potential volunteers be capable of handling these stresses, both physically and mentally.

Frequent heavy lifting and other "heavy" work is required, all the while wearing approximately 80 pounds of protective equipment. Anyone who has acrophobia (fear of heights) or claustrophobia (fear of confined spaces) would not be suitable for the job.

We require a letter from a Physician stating that you are physically able to work as a firefighter, as a condition of employment.

I live in a neighboring community. Can I still apply?
We ask that only those living in the City of Charlottetown apply. This is to ensure that a reasonable response time be maintained.

How do I apply for a volunteer firefighter position with the City of Charlottetown?
When the Department advertises for new Volunteer usually in the fall of each year, you may pick up an application package at Station 1 located at 89 Kent St.

You may also download the application on line, by simply clicking on the application icon located on this web page.

In addition to a completed application, you will also need to provide a Police background check as well as a Driver's Abstract. You may also wish to submit a detailed resume, although this is not a requirement. We ask that you possess, or be able to acquire, a 5-class driver's license. In order apply.

Thursday, Apr 26, 2018
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