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Message from the Chief

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Charlottetown Fire Department.We are very proud of our department and the members that provide the service to you. The Charlottetown Fire Department is a composite fire department consisting of highly dedicated career and volunteer fire personal, with a very active Fire Prevention Division that performs plan reviews, fire investigations, public education and fire inspections. The department aspires to service our citizens, prevent fires, protect property and, efficiently mitigate incidents when they do occur.

Today with the many changes occurring in our city and the growth and development taking place, the Charlottetown Fire Department sees itself as a competent organization that provides the greatest level of service to those who live, work and play in the City of Charlottetown.

Your fire fighters and your fire department are committed to excellent delivery of fire service and to outstanding customer service, as we are very proud to serve our citizens and our visitors.

Please continue to glance through our information and feel free to contact me should you have any questions. I can be reached at 902-629-4080 or e-mail rmacdonald@charlottetown.ca.

Mission Statement
The Charlottetown Fire Department, through professionalism, dedication and integrity provides optimum protection and prevention for our residents and visitor, maintaining a proud city with a strong sense of safety and security by investing in training, education, staffing and equipment.

Value Statement
Dedication and compassionate firefighters will ensure that business will be conducted in a manner consistent with the ethical and legal obligations of our profession and the City of Charlottetown policies and procedures.

Department Overview

Ever Ready When Duty Calls

The Charlottetown Fire Department is a composite department consisting of two stations. Station 1 is located at 89 Kent St.,Station 2 is located at 152 St. Peters Rd. There is a career fire chief and deputy fire chief, two district volunteer chiefs, two deputy district volunteer chiefs 80 volunteer firefighters, fire inspector, prevention officer, six permanent firefighters and six entry level seasonal and an administrative assistant. The services we provide are:

Fire Suppression
Vehicle Extrication
Medical emergencies
Haz Mat
Water & Ice Rescue
Fire Inspections
Fire Investigations
Fire Prevention
Public Education

Our Mailing Address
Charlottetown Fire Department
PO Box 98
Charlottetown PE
C1A 7K2
Physical Location
Station 1: 89 Kent Street
Station 2: 152 St. Peters Road
Administration Office
89 Kent Street
Mon-Fri 8:30 - 5:00
Phone (902) 629-4083
Fax (902) 894-7751

We provide 24-hour emergency support - In case of an emergency dial 911

Staff Directory
Fire Chief Randy MacDonald 902-629-4081
Deputy Fire Chief Tim Mamye 902-629-4080
Fire Inspector Winston Bryan 902 629-4017
Fire Prevention Cindy Mac Fadyen 902-629-4082
General Inquiries 902-629-4083
Station 1 902-894-3623 non emergency
Station 2 902-892-8125 non emergency

Fire Department Roster
Career Members Position Year Joined  
Randy MacDonald  Fire Chief  Volunteer 1980 Career 1995
Tim Mamye  Deputy Fire Chief  Career 2011
Cindy Mac Fadyen Fire Prevention   Career 1990
Winston Bryan Fire Inspector   Volunteer 1985 Career 2002  
Tony Cummiskey  Firefighter Volunteer 1992  Career 2000 
Joe MacKinnon Firefighter  Volunteer 1996   Career 2007
Randy Flanagan Firefighter Volunteer 1990 Career 2008
Bobby Chandler Firefighter   Volunteer 1982    Career 2008
Bruce Younker Firefighter  Volunteer 1994 Career 2009   
Allan Tilley Firefighter  Volunteer 1996 Career 2010   
Brad Kennedy Firefighter Volunteer 93-98, 08-13 Career 2013
Spencer Waite Firefighter  Volunteer 2001 Career 2013
Charlottetown Fire Department Volunteer Members
Moe Sherry  District Chief  Station 1  1967
Greg Shaw  District Chief  Station 2    1983
Mike Ready District Deputy Chief Station 1  1984 
Gerard McMahon  District Deputy Chief   Station 2 1983
Bert Ryan  Captain   Station 1  1976
Ben Hogan  Captain   Station 1  1981 
Scott Ryan Captain   Station 2 1992
Dan Birt    Captain   Station 2 1987
Tim Jenkins  Captain    Station 1 1988    
Jamie Lewis Captain    Station 2 1994
Robert MacLean Captain Station 2  2000
Jamie Locke Captain Chaplin 2012
Rob Flanagan Lieutenant    Station 1 1981
Kevin Mac Arthur Lieutenant Station 1 1984   
James O’Connor  Lieutenant   Station 2 2002
Mike Hennessey Lieutenant Station 1 2003
Chris Walsh Lieutenant Station 2 2007
Chad Dumville Lieutenant Station 1 2005
Dave Small  Firefighter  Station 1  1971
Frank Robison Safety Officer  Station 1  1972  
Al Stewart   Firefighter  Station 1  1972 
Wendell Toombs Firefighter  Station 1  1981
Scott Cudmore Firefighter  Station 1  1983
Brian Burke  Firefighter  Station 1  1986
Joe Driscoll  Dispatcher  Station 2  1987 
Ronnie Judson Firefighter  Station 1  1988 
Jim Rhynes Safety Officer Station 2 1989 
Gary Kennedy  Firefighter  Station 1  1991
Scott Gregory Firefighter  Station 2 1991
Jamie Quinn  Safety Officer Station 2 1992
Richard Roper  Firefighter  Station 2 1994
Frank Schleyer    Firefighter  Station 1 1996
Robert Brehaut Firefighter  Station 2  1996
Todd Bannister  Firefighter  Station 2 2005
Marty Kelly   Firefighter  Station 2 2003    
Wayne Weatherbie Firefighter  Station 2 2003
Scott McCourt  Firefighter  Station 2 2005 
Dan Jenkins  Firefighter  Station 1 2005 
Rebecca MacLeod  Safety Officer Station 1 2005
Kevin Carr    Firefighter  Station 2 2006
Trent Birt    Firefighter  Station 2 2006
Daniel Guingion   Firefighter  Station 2 2006
Rick Stanley  Firefighter  Station 2 2007
Bruce Mac Pherson Firefighter  Station 2 2007
Robbie Howett    Firefighter  Station 1 2007
Austin Munroe Firefighter Station 2 2009
Michael MacRae Firefighter Station 1 2009
William Callbeck Firefighter Station 2 2009
Kelvin Jones Firefighter Station 1 2009
Rob MacEachern Firefighter Station 1 2009
Shane Ross Firefighter Station 1 2010
Jon Chandler Firefighter Station 2 2010
Kent Mitchell Firefighter Station 2 2010
Adam Burke Firefighter Station 1 2011
Chris Chandler Firefighter Station 2 2011
Kevin Hughes Firefighter Station 2 2011
James Pickard Firefighter Station 1 2011
Cynde Thompson Firefighter Station 1 2011
Drew Kearney Firefighter Station 2 2011
Chris Oatway Firefighter Station 2 2011
Brad Wonnacott Firefighter Station 1 2011
Mason Wilgosh Firefighter Station 1 2012
Andrew Cutcliffe Firefighter Station 2 2013
Heidi Coffin Firefighter Station 2 2013
John Chisholm Firefighter Station 1 2013
Paul Lee Firefighter Station1 2013
Kathe Nissen Firefighter Station 1 2013
William McFadden Firefighter Station 2 2013
Andrew Chisholm Firefighter Station 1 2014
Michael Cunningham Firefighter Station 1 2014
Brandon Gillis Firefighter Station 1 2014
Tony Jamieson Firefighter Station 2 2014
Tim Mc Carthy Firefighter Station 2 2014
Fred Mc Innis Firefighter Station 1 2014
Coulton Pound Firefighter Station 2 2014


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